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  1. ifte
    ifte chad976
    Me and my friends all have MAG254 and having the same problem
  2. ifte
    ifte chad976
    Hi STILL no tv ever thing rest successfully meh 254 STILL say your STB is blocked. Do you think I need to New box ? Do you know which box work . Thank you
  3. ifte
    ifte chad976
    Mack -00:1A:79:31:11:32 COD - Y56580E4853B
  4. ifte
    ifte chad976
    Send PM
  5. wingomeza
    wingomeza core
    i need assistance with donating and activating thanks
  6. wingomeza
    wingomeza fastone4u
    i need help purchasing service, one extension or renewal and a fresh box activation. please direct me to the right person as i'm new but very interested in re-selling this service locally...thanks
  7. ckacka2
    ckacka2 Captainkangaroo
    Hi, Im not new, Im looking for $50 rocket, can you pm me please. Thanks
  8. winmaster
    Iam ok Iike fullbol all away,s
  9. winmaster
    winmaster Mexicanito01
    HI Mexicanito 01 I would like to download the bin file 243_dual for my Jynxbox Ultra hd v3 is not clone is it possibly wait for your reply soon
  10. Tiguerito
    Thank You all
  11. Tiguerito
    What can I do to solve this problem?
  12. Tiguerito
    But, the old box give me an error that say MAC ADDRESS already exist.
  13. Tiguerito
    I set up one donation in the tn the new box
  14. Tiguerito
    I have a old MAG 254 an a new one, I order two donations.
  15. Tiguerito
    Hi everyone. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. Sondra juri
  17. Betteni juri
  18. snoerwin
    I would like to download jynxbox Ultra hd v3 file is it p ossible?
    1. ererwinchi
      Hi I still waiting to download the v243 for Jynxbox Ultra hd v3
      is it possibly
      Apr 9, 2017
  19. satmando
    Lurking.. :-p
  20. fleury
    I cannot download