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multiple same channels scanning with DP Twin 2 orbital sat lnbf dupe ch 91 deg

Discussion in 'i-Link 210 Help' started by 001100, May 9, 2017.

  1. 001100

    001100 Member

    Oct 21, 2012
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    receiver is mpeg 2 with a 20000 symbol rate tuner , aka regular fta tuner before dn switched to 21500 and mpeg 4 still isnt on some dn birds just 21500

    nonetheless im receiving 91 and 82 into the satellite , we are talking about tuning the sids not the picture which would be mpeg 2 or 4,

    so regarding tuner
    I know a single dn or dtv lnbf works best but then its more wires and a switch to get 91 and 82,

    these switches diseq often fail and are not waterproof in any way.

    therefore i was using a dual head akak 2 lnbfs into one enclosure a original dish500 have a dishpro on there now. I know that the diff between original d500 head and dp d500 head is that one has a sw21 built in and is simply two lnbs into one plastic case with a interated switch. LEGACY TWIN DUAL HD LNB BELL DISH NETWORK W/ SWITCH SW21 82 91 110 119 500 20 | eBay

    DP 500 has dishPro written on side facing sky and has a 2 way disequ built in, also that youve gotta set up the lnb type as dishpro as it stacks horizontal ontop of vertical ie does all the H 1st then the V not alternating like a standard DTV or DN single satellite dual output lnbf (what shown above by another poster ) TWIN BELL HD LNB DISH NETWORK PRO DP LNB BELL EXPRESS VU FTA HDTV SWITCH 500 | eBay

    links show what ones i refer to, I remeber there s a way to avoid dupe ch with dp twin, but cant remember and yes not scanning with network on.

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